Jan. 13th, 2008

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Everybody got enough milk, eggs, bread, and toilet paper on hand? Because this storm is going to whack us with that oh so satisfying thud (or is the thwack more satisfying ... hmmmm....


Yes. We're gettin one of those Nor'easters - and we all know that people do 2 things when it snows a lot:

1. Make french toast
2. poop

(Think about it... why do people stock up on milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper right before a big snowstorm. Lately I've also seen folks stocking up on beer too - at least at the Stop & Shop in Malden)

Be careful out there folks - J and I will be up insanely early in the morning to dig our cars out and head to work. No snowdays for us. Ever.

When you're a kid, you spend a lot of time trying to make adults be proud of you (well at least I did). I know, some of you just wanted your parents to notice you at all, but I digress. For me, I just wanted my parents to be proud of me for who I was, and in despite of my flaws.

When you have kids in your life, I think you get a little glimpse of redemption - that maybe what you couldn't settle in your head with your own upbringing, the kids in your life help fill in those crackly bits (and very much by surprise).

My boyfriend J's daughter Hailey is an awesome kid. She is very much a typical "girl" - likes girly things, and is very much an 11 year old with an 11 year old's attention span. However, there are some elements to her that really make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and have hope for her future. She uses random numbers for her online passwords - even though she hates math - she has a gift for remembering numeric sequences. This weekend, she said something that also made me feel all warm and fuzzy - she said that I was the "cool kind of mom" - and that she always had fun when she came over. We usually cook together (that's what we do) - this weekend she helped out while we made homemade pizza (on Boboli shells, but we made our own pizza sauce).
I showed her the web site for Circus Smirkus and she thought that was the coolest thing she'd ever seen (because she loves the acrobatics - and excells at cheerleading).... except that she hates clowns.

I know that I'm not her mom, I'm not anyone's mom, but it's cool to have that responsibility to be a sane, responsible, and still fun adult.
It feels really good.

Last, but certainly not least, a strong candidate for Teh Cuteness Oveload

Smiling Jack aka Jack Sparrow aka a cat who continues to get more and more adorable every single day:


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