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Was in my head last night.

Early morning actually.

I had a dream that I was driving around in a shitty old powder blue van with a bad axle, except that it was a 70's era van.

I went to this club.

Or was it a record signing?

Or maybe it was a coffee shop.

Or a bookstore. It was dark and dusty with old wooden floors and dark walls (like an old pub?)

Three of the Fabs were there (except no John). I have a very vivid image of a young Paul McCartney sitting slumped in a chair, circa early 60's Hamburg greaser Elvis style, smoking a cigarette, with a dog laying on the floor at his feet. He was waiting to be interviewed by someone (and looking very bored).

I also remember George sitting around talking to what seemed like a "fan" - except that everyone was speaking English (but instead of Germany this was America). I was so excited I was out of breath, I really wanted to talk to George but it was almost as if I were a ghost in this scene - nobody in the dream was interacting with me.

So imagine the Beatles were sucked through a time machine 45 years to a dark and dusty place that seemed more like an old bookstore than a club...

So whose dreams did I get last night? I have to thank whoever crawled into my skull and left those images because they were pretty fecking cool.
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