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Hey guys.. How you all been?

I know I haven't written anything here in a while (gee, a pattern is developing) but that's not particularly a bad thing. I've actually been thinking I would like to write more about music, pop culture etc. rather than about me. (more on that soon)

My life has really become incredibly boring.

Boring used to be bad, but now its really not so horrific at all.

Anyway, I will give more details soon but I wanted to send the shout out that if the fates are smiling upon Jay and I we'll be moving sometime this summer - moving closer to work in light of the unbelievable gas prices.

It just doesn't make sense to spend $200+ per month in gas/tolls going from Malden to Newton every day when we could put that extra money towards rent and live in a bigger place with off-street parking. The best part? We get 90 minutes of our lives back from NOT sitting in traffic.

So think positive thoughts for us - we've put in applications on 2 places in Watertown. One is absolutely stunning, with vintage woodwork, high ceilings, a kitchen as nice as what we have now, with fenced in backyard, down the street from work. The second place was built in the 60's, a sort of average looking brickface 2 family building, but it also has offstreet parking, a yard, and is just across the river in Watertown.

My job is still madness, but its cool when my name is known throughout several departments as the "person who knows just about as much about the product as anyone". Both Jay and I work really hard, and sometimes our brains are completely fried by the end of the day, but its nice to have some sense of accomplishment and a steady paycheck.
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