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update part 1

Landlord with the place I wanted in Watertown said "no" - only wanted to look at the credit report and not even check landlord references.

!! [expletive deleted] !!

The poor real estate agent was really trying to sell us as tenants too.. but I think [livejournal.com profile] lilyflowers had a point. Do we really want That Guy as a landlord? I dont care how pretty the place is - the guy is probably an elitist jerk and we really dont want to deal with that.

The other place in Watertown - not heard back.

We went to look at a place in Belmont tonight that was surprisingly nice, and oddly enough while we've been avoiding owner-occupied like the plague, this guy seemed really nice.

Landlord is a sort of late-40-something, mellow sort, with 3 young kids. He and his wife live upstairs. The place is pet-friendly - even with our menagerie. Huge backyard. Warned us ahead of time that the kids can be "noisy" but we explained that Jay has a 12 year old daughter who likes to roughhouse with her dad, run around outside with the dog, and would probably be absolutely over-the-moon with the idea of a huge yard and a Golden Doodle (it's a type of dog) living upstairs.

So we have to fill out an app on that place - and he doesn't seem to give a toss about credit history. Is just looking for a good fit that would work with his family living upstairs (which means I should reach out to that nice family I used to live downstairs from before I moved to Echo St. - they're living in Germany now - an Army family)

So the saga continues...

By the way.. I think [livejournal.com profile] billporn asked a while back... Jay and I play World of Warcraft on the Suramar server. My character's name is "nytehawke" and she's now Level 70. WOOT!!

This weekend? The beginnings of the annual Purging of Cruft. Lets see how many bags of crap go to the curb next Friday... it may set a personal record this time.

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