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Heeeeey kids! Everyone all stocked up on toilet paper, bread, milk, eggs, and beer? Cuz it's gonna be the a-pockolips dontcha know.

That is, if you listen to the whining neo-cons on the FAAAAAR right who think that if Barack Obama is elected President we are surely going to see the end of days. (cuz he's a muslin radical terrroreeest who wants to steel all the money from Joe the Plumber and give it to Homey D Clown)

If that is indeed the case, they'll all be buyin one way tickets to Wasila, Alsaka to wait for JC to show up while we watch the pretty flames of Rome burning. (Fire GOOD. Tree BAD.. wait.. or was that Napster?.. I forget)

Seriously folks, even some of my more conservative friends are leaning towards Obama because that camp has to make a decision about which candidate they find less distasteful.

I will cast my vote early (and often!) tomorrow and watch and hope and hope and think every positive thought I can (are you there God? no...it's not Margaret) that this election goes the way of the Dems, and that nothing catastrophic happens to get in the way of this coming to be. The pendulum needs to swing back ... it's been stuck on the right for 8 years - we need a little change to make the world go round)

I find Sarah Palin to be repulsive.

I could rant for days about her, some of it would get me in trouble with the feminists but DAMN that woman gets my hackles up. It's something that I've been feeling a lot lately, maybe because I'm getting older and crankier and tolerating stupid-but-attractive women far less than I used to. When that woman opens her mouth you can hear the breeze blowing through her ears, but she's got that sparkly smile, great figure, and MILF-in-a-suit charm that wins sheeple over.

Anyway, contrary to popular belief, I am not dead (yet) and have NOT
- Run off to join a cult
- Run off to be a band groupie
- become a hermit
- moved to California to raise goats
- become a born again Christian

I am still employed (for the time being)
I still live in Watertown with Jay, the cats, and Kai the Peskie dog
I've taken up knitting again (see also www.ravelry.com - I have a profile there)
I still play World of Warcraft (for the HORDE!)
I am still a registered Democrat
I have been listening to too much old 70's music lately, and this new band called "Fleet Foxes" that I think a lot of my friends would like. (search for them on youtube)
I am a huge fan of the show "Fringe", and am also really getting into "Primeval"

I really need to update this thing more, but I don't always have anything interesting to say.

Toot toot for now...


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