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2009-03-06 03:14 pm

This is not a tweet

Thought of the day

"Who the heck coded this thing? Spongebob and Patrick?"
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2008-11-04 04:13 pm


and I said "Yes", "Yes", and "Yes".

If I were in California I would tell them to cram Prop. 8 where one would place a large rubber (or silicone) phallic shaped object - i.e. "NO" as in "NO Brainer"

I would say "YES" to Prop. 2
Inhumane farming practices really shouldn't be on the menu.
Alas I am in the state of Massa-twoshits so I will leave you with my own personal theme for America on this day some of us have we've been waiting 8 years for...

from the great Sly (and the Family)Stone.

Stand! (you've been sitting way too long...)

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2008-11-03 04:49 pm

Fleet Foxes

I'll save ya the trouble.. I saw these guys on Letterman (yes, this is that performance).

I love this band. They are another contemporary band doin it old school style. Their studio sound is lovely, not overproduced. You can almost hear how many times they listened to CSN&Y's "Deja Vu"

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2008-11-03 03:08 pm

They call it the White House, but that's a temporary condition...

Heeeeey kids! Everyone all stocked up on toilet paper, bread, milk, eggs, and beer? Cuz it's gonna be the a-pockolips dontcha know.

That is, if you listen to the whining neo-cons on the FAAAAAR right who think that if Barack Obama is elected President we are surely going to see the end of days. (cuz he's a muslin radical terrroreeest who wants to steel all the money from Joe the Plumber and give it to Homey D Clown)

If that is indeed the case, they'll all be buyin one way tickets to Wasila, Alsaka to wait for JC to show up while we watch the pretty flames of Rome burning. (Fire GOOD. Tree BAD.. wait.. or was that Napster?.. I forget)

Seriously folks, even some of my more conservative friends are leaning towards Obama because that camp has to make a decision about which candidate they find less distasteful.

I will cast my vote early (and often!) tomorrow and watch and hope and hope and think every positive thought I can (are you there God? no...it's not Margaret) that this election goes the way of the Dems, and that nothing catastrophic happens to get in the way of this coming to be. The pendulum needs to swing back ... it's been stuck on the right for 8 years - we need a little change to make the world go round)

I find Sarah Palin to be repulsive.

I could rant for days about her, some of it would get me in trouble with the feminists but DAMN that woman gets my hackles up. It's something that I've been feeling a lot lately, maybe because I'm getting older and crankier and tolerating stupid-but-attractive women far less than I used to. When that woman opens her mouth you can hear the breeze blowing through her ears, but she's got that sparkly smile, great figure, and MILF-in-a-suit charm that wins sheeple over.

Anyway, contrary to popular belief, I am not dead (yet) and have NOT
- Run off to join a cult
- Run off to be a band groupie
- become a hermit
- moved to California to raise goats
- become a born again Christian

I am still employed (for the time being)
I still live in Watertown with Jay, the cats, and Kai the Peskie dog
I've taken up knitting again (see also www.ravelry.com - I have a profile there)
I still play World of Warcraft (for the HORDE!)
I am still a registered Democrat
I have been listening to too much old 70's music lately, and this new band called "Fleet Foxes" that I think a lot of my friends would like. (search for them on youtube)
I am a huge fan of the show "Fringe", and am also really getting into "Primeval"

I really need to update this thing more, but I don't always have anything interesting to say.

Toot toot for now...
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2008-08-20 05:27 pm

Scha-Den-Freude Part 2

HA HA!! Maybe he can go live next door to Michael Jackson ?


Check out the wacky Foo Manchu beard he has goin on...this guy is a carnival and a circus all by his lonesome.
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2008-08-20 02:10 pm

Three cheers for Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is wonderful.

Sharp and witty, and able to slice and dice the issues to get to the truth.


She's getting her own show on MSNBC in the 9:00 slot after Olbermann's gig.

I also like the fact that she throws the stereotype of the fluffy headed female newsdroid OUT the window (down 50 stories onto the pavement below).

YAY more smart women on tv!!
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2008-08-19 02:10 pm

Words cannot describe....

Keep in mind that I had a HUGE crush on this guy when I was in high school - I would have slept out in a cold autumn rain for concert tickets.
I had posters and photos of him (and the rest of the band) covering my bedroom walls.

Somehow in the past 20 years or so he morphed into one of the biggest [expletive deleted] in the music industry.

This news brings forth a gentle snicker... well okay.. a full blown ROFLMAO!!!


What, Phil.. no sad goodbye songs for Orianne?


Yes, next time get a prenup DUMBASS!!!


*cough* *sputter*
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2008-08-11 04:07 pm

I've got no means to show identification....

I've got no papers show you what I am
You'll have to take me just the way that you find me
What's gone is gone and I do not give a damn..
- Peter Gabriel "I Don't Remember"

What are the odds that we have not one, but TWO creepy con identity changers in the news?

Gotcha, bitch!!



I love the early (1970's) photos of BOTH of these corndogs... they look like extras from cheezy 70s porno flicks.

Whackaloons make the world go round.

In a news day full of depressing shit, these 2 have provided some comic relief. Don't get me wrong, I feel absolutely awful for the victims of these sheisters, and I'm really hoping that Gerhartsreiter has a long and fruitful relationship with the dept. of corrections.
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2008-08-07 11:11 am

Because the moon is a bitch

or not..

I think there's some cosmic high tide because everyone I know has been having strange dreams lately including me.

Last night's offering was the house I grew up in winning that weird Home Makeover show contest. (You know, the one where people show up at your house and completely renovate it.)

The show's writers were seeking out the families that had lived in the house over the years, seeking anecdotes and photos. (Did I mention this house was built in 1971 and there's absolutely NOTHING special about it?)

The past few nights have been filled with very strange dreams, but I can only remember this one at the moment.

In other news...

Yay for having a few days off where I don't actually HAVE to do ANYTHING. I could sit on my ass all day if I wanted to, and play World of Warcraft.

Instead, I'll do more cleaning and organizing around here, and maybe toddle off to the gym for a while.

Who is Kaiser Soze? heh.. he's Clark f'ing Rockefeller.. NO!! He's Christopher Chichester. NO!! He's Charles "Chip" Smith. NO!! He's Christian Reiter.
Stay tuned folks... this dude has a good lawyer so the po-leece and FBI are going to have to be smarter.
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2008-08-05 10:05 am

Coming Soon to a Dateline Episode near you...

I just can't help it.

I'm really fascinated with the whole "Who The Hell is Clark Rockefeller?" story.

For true crime fans like myself, this case is really like some creepy tv drama that takes at least 3 episodes to wrap up the storyline. I think this guy is some sort of criminal genius, and the only slip up he's ever had was getting caught trying to take his daughter.

Needless to say, I'm very glad that the little girl is okay, back with her mom, and far away from the soon to be huge media circus surrounding this case.

I also feel awful for his ex-wife. who either has to be really gullible or just too trusting. As an aside, if no marriage certificate was ever filed, and he's never provided proof of identity, wouldn't the child's birth certificate need to be modified since it's obvious he's not who he says he is?


While I'm a strong advocate for fathers' rights, this guy is NOT the kind of guy you want raising child as a single parent.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter of this story, waiting to see what skeletons crawl out of this guy's closet (I'm sure there are quite a few!)

This story is going to make for one very fascinating true crime novel someday.
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2008-07-24 01:34 pm

No hard feelings, eh Comcast?

I guess they don't love me anymore since we got RCN at the new digs in Watertown.

Effective immediately any email address for me ending in @comcast.net is no longer active.

If you want to reach me via email try my firstname.lastname at gmail.com

Will get another fun and fabulous RCN account as soon as I have time to log in and create one.

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2008-07-01 09:10 pm

In my dream, I am Kate

This song, when I first heard it some almost 20 years ago, ripped my heart out and left me awestruck.

It still has this effect on me today. .. (I can still be that wistful, melodramatic 22 year old who thought that life would never quite work out for her as it has).  The song was written by Irish folkie Roy Harper, and recorded for Kate's Christmas special 1979.  The best quality of this video I have ever seen (and I have a copy of this somewhere on an old VHS tape)

(fixed the link! thanks guys for pointing that out) The song is called "Another Day"
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2008-06-03 09:48 pm

(no subject)

For my fellow Yes fans out there...

Focus some positive energy toward lead singer Jon Anderson. Evidently he's quite ill, speculation is that it is COPD, or some other serious breathing disorder. He was hospitalized last month after a very serious asthma attack.

It's my understanding that the tour may very well be cancelled, or Anderson may be replaced, at this point there's no official info but the fact that he IS ill is very sadly true.
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2008-05-29 03:32 pm

The apartment hunt continues... Is oil heat the devil?

This is the question I continue to engage in explosive debate with myself.
(you should see the 2 sides of myself go at it on this issue.. whoooo boy)

Something like 30% or 40% of residences in eastern MA heat with oil heat. Especially older homes (specifically older multi-families that serve renters)

Gas heat is now cheaper on most systems but...if you're using forced hot air you have to calculate electricity into your heat costs.

Crappy boilers are crappy boilers.

Well insulated buildings with newer windows are cheaper to heat than places with no insulation and/or older windows.

Heating oil is now over $4.00 a gallon.

My natural gas heat costs, averaged out over the year, came out to be about $1300 for the year, + the cost of electricity on the forced hot air system. This was leaving the heat turned down to 63 during the day, and overnight.

There are a lot of really pretty places out there that have oil heat.

We've been turned down by 2 landlords so far because of "credit history", have looked at no less than 10 places over the course of 2 months (one place we looked at we didn't even apply for because the RE agent made a point of saying only "good credit" would be considered). Oh yeah, we also have pets. A dog to be specific. We've seen more rundown, rat trap buildings than we have seen nice ones. Two were actually quite nice, but too far (one in Marlborough, one in Dedham. The one in Dedham we almost went for, but it was too far away from everything and everyone else in the world we like).

So.. I know from [livejournal.com profile] lilyflowers that oil heat can be WAY suckful, and that no matter how cold you keep the place, its bloody expensive.

There's a place in Arlington we're going to see tonight that seems like it could work, right down to the geek-friendly / dog-friendly landlady.

Only problem is that it's oil heat.

Are we really fooked with oil heat? I can deal with paying $200 - $225 or so per month on an oil heat budget plan, but I don't think I would be happy paying $400 or $500/mo. that's just madness.

Is it really that bad?

UPDATE: Meh. Not the right place for us. I think the couple who were there before us grabbing it before we had the chance was probably a good thing. Getting there was kind of annoying because of all the traffic gridlock on Rt 60 (typical stuff), and then there's the ancient windows, peeling paint and no insulation. But thank you everyone for your feedback - at least we'll have a better idea of what to budget for.
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2008-05-23 08:15 pm
Entry tags:

update part 1

Landlord with the place I wanted in Watertown said "no" - only wanted to look at the credit report and not even check landlord references.

!! [expletive deleted] !!

The poor real estate agent was really trying to sell us as tenants too.. but I think [livejournal.com profile] lilyflowers had a point. Do we really want That Guy as a landlord? I dont care how pretty the place is - the guy is probably an elitist jerk and we really dont want to deal with that.

The other place in Watertown - not heard back.

We went to look at a place in Belmont tonight that was surprisingly nice, and oddly enough while we've been avoiding owner-occupied like the plague, this guy seemed really nice.

Landlord is a sort of late-40-something, mellow sort, with 3 young kids. He and his wife live upstairs. The place is pet-friendly - even with our menagerie. Huge backyard. Warned us ahead of time that the kids can be "noisy" but we explained that Jay has a 12 year old daughter who likes to roughhouse with her dad, run around outside with the dog, and would probably be absolutely over-the-moon with the idea of a huge yard and a Golden Doodle (it's a type of dog) living upstairs.

So we have to fill out an app on that place - and he doesn't seem to give a toss about credit history. Is just looking for a good fit that would work with his family living upstairs (which means I should reach out to that nice family I used to live downstairs from before I moved to Echo St. - they're living in Germany now - an Army family)

So the saga continues...

By the way.. I think [livejournal.com profile] billporn asked a while back... Jay and I play World of Warcraft on the Suramar server. My character's name is "nytehawke" and she's now Level 70. WOOT!!

This weekend? The beginnings of the annual Purging of Cruft. Lets see how many bags of crap go to the curb next Friday... it may set a personal record this time.
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2008-05-22 09:07 pm

The State of the Amy

Hey guys.. How you all been?

I know I haven't written anything here in a while (gee, a pattern is developing) but that's not particularly a bad thing. I've actually been thinking I would like to write more about music, pop culture etc. rather than about me. (more on that soon)

My life has really become incredibly boring.

Boring used to be bad, but now its really not so horrific at all.

Anyway, I will give more details soon but I wanted to send the shout out that if the fates are smiling upon Jay and I we'll be moving sometime this summer - moving closer to work in light of the unbelievable gas prices.

It just doesn't make sense to spend $200+ per month in gas/tolls going from Malden to Newton every day when we could put that extra money towards rent and live in a bigger place with off-street parking. The best part? We get 90 minutes of our lives back from NOT sitting in traffic.

So think positive thoughts for us - we've put in applications on 2 places in Watertown. One is absolutely stunning, with vintage woodwork, high ceilings, a kitchen as nice as what we have now, with fenced in backyard, down the street from work. The second place was built in the 60's, a sort of average looking brickface 2 family building, but it also has offstreet parking, a yard, and is just across the river in Watertown.

My job is still madness, but its cool when my name is known throughout several departments as the "person who knows just about as much about the product as anyone". Both Jay and I work really hard, and sometimes our brains are completely fried by the end of the day, but its nice to have some sense of accomplishment and a steady paycheck.
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2008-04-23 04:40 pm

The strangest Beatles film footage ever shot...

Was in my head last night.

Early morning actually.

I had a dream that I was driving around in a shitty old powder blue van with a bad axle, except that it was a 70's era van.

I went to this club.

Or was it a record signing?

Or maybe it was a coffee shop.

Or a bookstore. It was dark and dusty with old wooden floors and dark walls (like an old pub?)

Three of the Fabs were there (except no John). I have a very vivid image of a young Paul McCartney sitting slumped in a chair, circa early 60's Hamburg greaser Elvis style, smoking a cigarette, with a dog laying on the floor at his feet. He was waiting to be interviewed by someone (and looking very bored).

I also remember George sitting around talking to what seemed like a "fan" - except that everyone was speaking English (but instead of Germany this was America). I was so excited I was out of breath, I really wanted to talk to George but it was almost as if I were a ghost in this scene - nobody in the dream was interacting with me.

So imagine the Beatles were sucked through a time machine 45 years to a dark and dusty place that seemed more like an old bookstore than a club...

So whose dreams did I get last night? I have to thank whoever crawled into my skull and left those images because they were pretty fecking cool.
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2008-04-05 06:49 pm

if we're gonna burn out lets to it together

Why I love Wes Anderson movies:

Because he has this amazing talent for creating a very lovely fishbowl, or maybe even a puppet theater, in which he places some very colorful eccentric characters and then lets us study them for 90 minutes.

I watched "Darjeeling Limited" last night and loved it every bit as much as The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. I'm starting to be able to trainspot his style, he has this little habit of using open doorways as a frame so we can sort of spy on the action going on in the next room without actually being there. Love his use of color, and of course his taste in music. Hoping that these movies somehow spawn a whole new generation of Kinks fans.

Not to mention, I adore Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman.

This movie made me want to go for a long train ride through India. I am thinking that is some place I would like to travel through someday.

In other news:

Last weekend was nice, low key, never made it to karaoke but we did go to my absolute FAVORITE place for beer and really bad-for-you food - Sunset Bar & Grill in Allston. Drank yummy Affligem blonde ale and a Ephemere from Unibroue. Ate some tasty meat-free nachos and a huge turkey burger with some yummy curly fries.

Still need to go out and do some serious karaoke some night soon.

Boyfriend bought a new zoom zoom. 1994 Suzuki Katana 750. Got it dirt cheap from some guy on craigslist - the thing only has 6K miles on it. Needless to say he's been bouncing around the house like a little kid for the past few days. I'm happy because it means we're saving money on gas going to work this summer.

I'm going sofa shopping Very Soon Now.

My 10 year old Ikea special needs to go to the dumpster, and soon.
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2008-03-29 04:01 pm

Life, the universe, and everything

This never gets old... unlike me *wink wink*

We may be haunting the Limelight (karaoke. on Tremont St) or Courtside if the driving is less inspired... later.
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2008-01-13 09:45 pm

The Random Update

Everybody got enough milk, eggs, bread, and toilet paper on hand? Because this storm is going to whack us with that oh so satisfying thud (or is the thwack more satisfying ... hmmmm....


Yes. We're gettin one of those Nor'easters - and we all know that people do 2 things when it snows a lot:

1. Make french toast
2. poop

(Think about it... why do people stock up on milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper right before a big snowstorm. Lately I've also seen folks stocking up on beer too - at least at the Stop & Shop in Malden)

Be careful out there folks - J and I will be up insanely early in the morning to dig our cars out and head to work. No snowdays for us. Ever.

When you're a kid, you spend a lot of time trying to make adults be proud of you (well at least I did). I know, some of you just wanted your parents to notice you at all, but I digress. For me, I just wanted my parents to be proud of me for who I was, and in despite of my flaws.

When you have kids in your life, I think you get a little glimpse of redemption - that maybe what you couldn't settle in your head with your own upbringing, the kids in your life help fill in those crackly bits (and very much by surprise).

My boyfriend J's daughter Hailey is an awesome kid. She is very much a typical "girl" - likes girly things, and is very much an 11 year old with an 11 year old's attention span. However, there are some elements to her that really make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and have hope for her future. She uses random numbers for her online passwords - even though she hates math - she has a gift for remembering numeric sequences. This weekend, she said something that also made me feel all warm and fuzzy - she said that I was the "cool kind of mom" - and that she always had fun when she came over. We usually cook together (that's what we do) - this weekend she helped out while we made homemade pizza (on Boboli shells, but we made our own pizza sauce).
I showed her the web site for Circus Smirkus and she thought that was the coolest thing she'd ever seen (because she loves the acrobatics - and excells at cheerleading).... except that she hates clowns.

I know that I'm not her mom, I'm not anyone's mom, but it's cool to have that responsibility to be a sane, responsible, and still fun adult.
It feels really good.

Last, but certainly not least, a strong candidate for Teh Cuteness Oveload

Smiling Jack aka Jack Sparrow aka a cat who continues to get more and more adorable every single day: