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This news story has been making the media circuit the past few days (Woman Offended by Doc's Obesity Advice ).

It's both touched a nerve AND caused a bit of arm flailing from my corner because on one hand, I see why the woman would have been offended. On the other hand, I think the doctor was right on to try and scare the shit out of his patient into getting her to lose weight.

Here's a good book idea.. "Scared Straight: The Weight Loss Edition"
Ghost written by doctors who want to scare the shit out of their patients enough to start taking better care of themselves, get that WLS done if they need it, join a gym, join weight watchers, and stop living in denial.

Anyway, here's where I stand on this issue.

Patient )
Physician )

Amy's Executive Summary:
  1. Eat, drink, be merry for tomorrow you may die. There is happiness in moderation.

  2. If you get sick because you forgot to (or didn't think to) take care of yourself, blaming your doctor, the food industry, or anyone besides yourself is inapprorpiate.

  3. If you don't like what you're doctor is telling you, find another doctor.

  4. Fast food - use at your own risk.

  5. There are ways to work exercise into your daily activity, there are a ton of books on the market, web sites, etc. that can help you find ways to do so.

  6. If you want to eat anything you want, drink as much as you want, live life in full Bacchanalian splendor, it's your right to do so, just don't whine and complain when your body falls apart while you're young enough to regret it all. (see also item #2)

  7. We can all learn a bit from our European friends who eat smaller portions of really good food, walk everywhere, and drink good wine.
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I gained 1.5 lbs. this week and it's not from anything "good" like hormones, beer, or well.. okay.. I did have a dark chocolate toblerone bar over the course of 3 days.
I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last weekend! what's a girl gonna do? I can't watch all that chocolate-eating and not HAVE any!

Anyway, the Annoying Coworker was going to pick up Chacarero for the tech support and engineering minions and I decided to order one to take home.

I've been wondering what exactly the contents of this very heavy and delightful sandwich come out to.

It was kinda ike when Morgan Spurlock discovered the hard cold facts about Le Big Mac

Anyway, I took the sandwich apart and put each component on the food scale.

In 1/2 of the small grilled chicken chacarero the bread weighs in at 4 oz.
There was 4 oz. of grilled chicken
some green beans, a schmear of spicy avocado spread
2 slices of tomato and a 1/2 slice of muenster cheese.

In terms of the Weight Watchers "points" plan, I calculated it out to something like 10 points.

*cue sound effect of Amy falling over*

no WONDER I got fat eating these!!

1 whole sandwich would be AN ENTIRE DAY WORTH OF FOOD POINTS

The bread being the largest component. Too bad I love bread.

Anyway, I decided to take el perro loco for a walk and burn off some of those calories. (30 minutes later, I return - tired)

At least eating 1/2 a sandwich at a time, it lasts longer.


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