Aug. 4th, 2006 04:33 pm
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Strange strange dreams as of late.
Last night there were images of an ex-boyfriend of mine who was really a sort of hybrid of ex-boyfriends and his current wife who is also a hybrid of the women who ended up with ex's of mine.
They had a baby, but the baby wasn't in the entire dream.
I've been seeing quite a few babies in dreams lately - Last weekend I had a dream about my sister and my new niece.
Anyway, another strange image from this dream was receiving in the mail an old Christmas card (I mean old, like it was sitting in someone's attic for 50 years), with a message written in faded ink.. something to the effect of I would rather be with you...
It was not signed.
Half the dream was spent trying to avoid seeing this ex boyfriend, his wife, and their baby and the other half was trying to figure out who sent me the card.

It's that time of year where the veil between the worlds thins a bit in my mind and my psychic shields are down a bit. Lots of memories and lots of background (mental) data processing.

I'm trying to workout a trip to Chicago to see my family - my sis is planning on (last I heard) holding Elyse's Christening over labor day weekend. My brother has offered to give me frequent flyer miles to pay for the airfare. As always, I feel conflicted because there always seems to be this swirling cloud of crap when it comes to my mom. Marcy (my sis) says that mom is still fairly insufferable, and even my brother has told mom to step off because of (alleged) incidents where she was aggrivating my sister-in-law.

I worry about my sister. She's got 2 little kids, is going back to work full time, and now seems to have taken on role of my father's keeper (because my father as always, seems fairly incapable of taking decent care of himself).

With all that, I still contemplate moving back to the Chicago area. Not sure when, if ever, but I would love to convince Rich to give it a try with me. There's so much about Chicago that I miss, and it's not even the family. Cost of living is still cheaper. Social "culture" - midwest people are still "my" people. I don't have many friends there, but I do have a couple. I know that the Chicago area has at least one active aquarium club as well.

No matter what, I don't see us staying in Boston forever.
The cost of housing to income ratio here is just obnoxious, and I know we could do so much better someplace else where the cost of living isn't as harsh. Rich wants to go back to CT, but the cost of living isn't much better there than it is here, and I told him I'm not moving and/or giving up my job for something that would be a step down from what I'm already doing.
Struggling in CT is still struggling.

The worst part in all this is that his sister and niece/nephew are in CT and he does not want to leave them - so again - not something that will happen overnight.

This past month for us has been really rough since he has been only working part time (summer school is less hours for him, and we've both had to come up with a bit of cash here and there for random crap we've had to take care of with our cars, etc.). I hate being broke, but at least he'll have more hours again starting at the end of the month.

Last, but not least, I have 2 new televisual guilty pleasures - at least until the new fall season of the various CSI shows I like.

Hex and WWE
Both are soap operas.
One is cheezy and gothic.
The other is often goofy, and chock full of cartoony violence.

Hex is decidedly NOT the British Buffy.
It's not clever enough.
It's cheesetastic, a bit sluggish, but oddly tasty - like a spicy chicken sandwich dripping with spicy chipoltle mayonaise. Since "season 1" is over, I need to go download the rest of the shows since I really don't want to wait a year to see the rest of it.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is "Raw", "ECW", and "SmackDown".
A bunch of big goofy looking jocks in spandex throwing each other around and talking shit about one another.

There is absolutely no socially redeeming or intellectual value to either choice, but with the WWE stuff at least we find shows we both like that we can share a laugh on.

Still crazy after all these years.

p.s. to [livejournal.com profile] seamusd (I did get your voicemail msg) and [livejournal.com profile] ragdoll.... I have a bunch of random weird musical visual stuff you both might enjoy. When I'm out from under I would like to ship either of you some DVD's/CD's - better quality than youtube. time time time time
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VERY weird dreams last night involving a musty dusty basement full of "stuff", old furniture, clothing, dead bodies, and a very very large old house sitting above this nasty old basement. Something about figuring out how to move undetected through this house via the basement, but taking care to avoid the rats, the dead humans, and other hazards in the basement. It was me and some guy I don't know in real life trying to navigate this landscape.

(This weekend we watched the original Underworld movie and a few episodes of the old Tales from the Crypt tv series. I'm sure my brain was refilled to the brim with exciting creepy images which have now been programmed into my dreams)

Woke up this morning, made my coffee, breakfast, had my shower, got dressed and ready to take the dog out.

There's this doorway between the kitchen and the "laundry" area (where the furnace is, by the back door) that I have to cross to get to the bathroom, to the back door, etc. Something on the floor caught my eye (it didn't earlier in the morning). I looked at it. I looked at it again. I turned the light on.
Kai sniffed at it.

er... what the fuck is that...?....
looking closer
um.. er... oh.. *gulp*


While I did not perform a close inspection of the twisted offering it appeared to be the last mortal remains of a small furry rodent, rendered unidentifiable by it's small stripey feline foe.
My darling princess, the Feline of the Apocalypse, Queen Stripes, Vampire Kitten Druzilla seems to have taken a hostage from the walls (where she hunts at night), and she and the resident Feline Space Station (Spike-a-loo) separated the mouse into sections, depositing the remains in that spot on the floor for me to discover.

I tell ya, there's nothing quite so bracing as to find the hindquarters and assorted mouse bits on the floor and not being sure whether or not you had stepped on them earlier in the morning.

I'm glad that Zilla has finally caught a mouse, but I'm going to be SO glad when I'm out of this place. I don't really like the idea of her hunting in the walls down here.
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Ever have those days when you just feel a little bit insane? just a little? 5 days off work will do that to a person, I guess.

Getting here at 8:30 (my regular start time) to find that I'm the ONLY person here, there are 135 emails in my inbox, and the phone is RINGING RINGING RINGING.

There's a car alarm that keeps going off in the parking lot and that isn't helping. (every couple hours or so)

Mosquito bites of large and welt-like proportions. I think there must be a new strain of vampire mosquito that is extra fond of me (and which I'm extra allergic to)

Nuggets of Joy from Boston.com:
I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passin by..."

Cosmik Debris

My relationship with Rich continues to be happy and comfortable.

Had a nice quiet weekend together which included a trip to the waterfront and the Aquarium's IMAX theater to see the Sharks 3D (which is pretty darn cool). We also had dinner at Mary Chung (but I think I got dosed with MSG or something because later on that night I was all leg twitchy and restless).

oh yeah... Pink Floyd reunited. "reeeeunited and it feels so gooood"
pico review: ROCKTACULAR!
I could have lived without some of the crap on the Live 8 stages including that boring old twat, Macca *smirk* When did George Michael become friends with him anyway? I like George Michael. feh.

and Green Day singing "Queen" ... um... WHY ???? No, dude.. your voice isn't even CLOSE

mmmmmmm U2

In other news: I had some really disturbing dreams this past weekend, one of which involved being lost in a snowstorm and another had to do with an impending apocalypse, New Testament style.

Don't remember much of the snow dream, but the pock-o-lips dream was super fucked up. There was this guy who was supposed to be the Jesus character, but looked like a sketchy homeless guy - carrying a painting. He was showing the painting to various people, and when it came time to show it to me he asked me what my interpretation was. The picture was an odd combination of styles (Rubens and Parrish ???) with too many colors, and imagery straight out of the Rider Waite tarot deck.

I looked at the painting and said "she is being judged". The image was of a woman who looked like the character from the Rider deck "8 of swords", on her knees with her arms tied behind her back. Men with swords standing in a circle around her. It could have been an impending execution for all I know.

There was this crazy woman in the dream who was standing next to me, saw me interpret the painting and then started screaming about it being the end of days, etc. believing that the man with th painting was JC come back for a visit.


did the Dream King visit the wrong house again? I think I got the wrong dream. check, please!

ANYWAY... last night was very low key, and solitary. (but not unpleasant)

I went for a walk before dinner, then struggled with the grill for an hour due to bad charcoal (and laziness/unwillingness to go to the store for lighter fluid / fresh stuff)

My cd burner is dead again.
My computer is acting wonky (despite just having replaced yet another power supply)

"No Pudge" brownies are really pretty good despite being "non fat".
Thank you, drive thru.


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