Dec. 20th, 2005 02:57 pm
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Went back to the doc yesterday for my blood test results.
Saw the same nurse practitioner as before.
She read the results and stated that she was entirely confused why once again, my liver test results fluctuated wildly.
One of the enzymes was more than 3 times over the "normal" range on the first test, and on the second test only a few points higher than the top end of normal.
She told me that she has to refer me to a gastroenterologist.
Due to the fact that managed care sucks goat balls, and that this NP could not refer me to someone affiliated with a different hospital, I have to change Primary Care docs to find a GI closer to home and/or where I work.

The good news is that it's not Hepatitis, and my tests for ADNA came back negative (which means it's probably not autoimmune related)

However, that still doesn't explain what's going on with my body and why my liver is so very angry 12 hours after a big meal and a couple pints of beer. I'm also annoyed that they don't run a T3/T4 test as routine - only the TSH (but that's a rant for a different day)

Maybe these liver test results are just my gallbladder's way telling me to stop fucking off.

Since I still have other symptoms going on with my digestive system, I'm not going to blow this off like I did last year.
I'm also through with this Primary Care doc. My new primary care doc will be one of the female physicians who works in Dr. Wellisch's practice.
I have an appointment with her for a consult (to get a referral to a local GI) on January 6th. Now I have to get my records transferred, which will proably be a supreme annoyance all by itself (I tried to get copies of my test results yesterday and the NP told me that it would take 2 weeks to get copies because they don't have the manpower to get it done "on demand")

I hate HMO's. I should have changed over to a POS plan while I had the chance.
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I don't know.
The last time I was sick.. really sick.. was when I had mono in 2002.
Wiped me out for the whole entire month of February
In fact, mono was the last thing on my mind. I kept telling myself that it was the flu, or strep, and it wasn't until I was so sick I could barely move that I went back to the doctor.
I remember laying across 2 chairs in the doctor's office, and then being given an exam room to lay down in while I waited for the blood tests to come back from the lab.
what do you MEAN I have mono?!! I didn't kiss anyone with mono!!
To this day, I still have no idea how I caught it.
The person I was dating at the time wasn't sick
The only thing I can think of was that I must have picked it up at the gym through (unknowingly) sharing a steam room with someone who was contagious
I've never been one to go see a doctor for every sore throat, every minor bodily annoyance. It takes something to knock me flat out before I make the effort.

This.. whatever is going on in my body right now.. is one of those health conditions that could only be described as annoying.
I've been writing off these symptoms as a side-effect of stress, or aging.
I just pushed myself that much harder to get out of bed, to get to the gym, to eat "better".
I beat myself up when I gained weight, watching myself gain and lose the same 10 lbs
I suppose this condition, it's more chronic phase, must have kicked in for real around the time I started living with Brian.
At my 2004 routine physical, my blood tests were alarming enough to cause the doctor to re-run them.
I never got a phone call after those second set of tests, only a form letter stating that my blood tests were "normal"
I wrote it off as a fluke and went on with my life, including the oh so delightful mini-breakdown I had in the fall of 2004
Just kept pushing myself, thinking that whatever malaise I was feeling was caused by depression or poor diet.
Started to notice a decline in my ability to tolerate alcohol.
I started to get really sick when I drank too much (used to be I could drink a handful of "absolut + red bull" and still be able to sleep it off without getting the spins)
I mean really sick (the violent, can't keep stuff down kind of sick)
I just wrote THAT off to "you're getting old" and just stopped doing it (I haven't touched cachaca for at least 9 months)
I started to notice that my body seemed to ache more
My fingers, my wrists were sore a lot more often.
I wrote this off to early arthritis
Tired.. so tired...
just keep pushing myself.

So now I'm putting 2 and 3 and 4 together and thinking
hmmmm.. maybe it's not normal to feel so worn out.. maybe its not normal to feel completely exhausted after a workout... maybe it's not normal to want to fall asleep in the afternoon

The details I'm willing to share with folks is that last week I went for my routine physical where blood tests uncovered (for the second year in a row) abnormal results on the liver tests.
This required giving 4 more vials of blood to the nice vampire at the lab (one being reserved for a routine test I had not had in a couple years) and I'll get the results of the tests at a doc appt on Monday.
From what I've been reading about liver function, abnormal test results could indicate dozens of different scenarios, from something not horribly uncommon (hemochromatosis) to some vaguely annoying autoimmune disorder. I highly doubt it is Hep C because I was tested for that last year and it was negative, however, I would not rule out autoimmune hepatitis.
My symptoms of whatever this is are mild compared to what a lot of folks go through (it's not a bone crushing level of fatigue, but enough to make me feel crabby and annoyed), but they have become more noticable in the past 6 months.
I probably won't get the answers to whatever this is on Monday.
It will likely involve more tests over time, and a visit to a specialist or two (which I'm not looking forward to... am going to try to find specialists near work).

There's only 2 things I fear about the outcome of these tests, the "diagnosis"
1. Being told I need to be treated with prednisone or worse.. Interferon

2. Being told I can no longer drink alcohol.. ever (or being told I need to eliminate x, y, or z from my diet). Beat me, curse me, but please don't make me give up beer or wine all together (as it is, I was told to not drink or take ibuprofin or tylenol until my second set of blood tests come back and/or until further notice)

I do plan on re-starting up the diet thing in January, and hoping to drag Rich along on the adventure since he has rather poor eating habits for someone with type 2 diabetes. Given a choice between chemical/drug therapies vs. going on some sort of strict diet to ease liver stress.. I would choose the dietary change. Steroids scare the crap out of me.

stay tuned.


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