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It is probably the rudest movie I have ever seen. Well, next to maybe the South Park movie and Beavis & Butthead Do America.

Sacha Baron Cohen must be some illegitimate offspring of John Cleese. He seems to have inherited what I think [livejournal.com profile] anotheranon referred to as a lack embarassment gene. There were some scenes in Borat which rivaled certain scenes in "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" in the way they just went too far and then just went another steps farther out than that.

I loved the way that Cohen took certain Americanisms, stuck a big rusty pitchfork through them, and then set them on fire.

The fight scene between Borat and Azmat had Rich and I in tears. (speaking of anti-embarassment gene, Ken Davitian gets a runner up prize there... holy shit!)

Actually, there were several scenes which were so "oh my god I can't believe they're going there!" funny that I was coughing and laughing at the same time.

It pretty much was the Sacha Baron Cohen show.. I can't think of any particular group he didn't make fun of, or didn't take advantage of, although I have to wonder if he didn't warn that nice old Jewish couple running the B&B of what exactly he was up to.

Two thumbs up from Rich and I, tho not for it's cinematic prowess, pacing, or editing. There were some pretty big holes in there you could drive an ice cream truck through.. like.. how did they end up in Mississippi, and then backtrack to Georgia? The scene in the tv station was actually MS.. tho you probably wouldn't know that unless you were actually FROM Mississippi, or had some clue about geography. I'm also fairly certain that some of the words he was using were actually Polish.. not Russian (I remember reading somewhere he mentioned creating Borat's language out of Russian and Yiddish)

The thumbs up are for the chances that it takes, the places it goes, and for giving us shit to laugh because someone else finally gets the joke too (about those certain aspects of American society.


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