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Ever have those days when you just feel a little bit insane? just a little? 5 days off work will do that to a person, I guess.

Getting here at 8:30 (my regular start time) to find that I'm the ONLY person here, there are 135 emails in my inbox, and the phone is RINGING RINGING RINGING.

There's a car alarm that keeps going off in the parking lot and that isn't helping. (every couple hours or so)

Mosquito bites of large and welt-like proportions. I think there must be a new strain of vampire mosquito that is extra fond of me (and which I'm extra allergic to)

Nuggets of Joy from Boston.com:
I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passin by..."

Cosmik Debris

My relationship with Rich continues to be happy and comfortable.

Had a nice quiet weekend together which included a trip to the waterfront and the Aquarium's IMAX theater to see the Sharks 3D (which is pretty darn cool). We also had dinner at Mary Chung (but I think I got dosed with MSG or something because later on that night I was all leg twitchy and restless).

oh yeah... Pink Floyd reunited. "reeeeunited and it feels so gooood"
pico review: ROCKTACULAR!
I could have lived without some of the crap on the Live 8 stages including that boring old twat, Macca *smirk* When did George Michael become friends with him anyway? I like George Michael. feh.

and Green Day singing "Queen" ... um... WHY ???? No, dude.. your voice isn't even CLOSE

mmmmmmm U2

In other news: I had some really disturbing dreams this past weekend, one of which involved being lost in a snowstorm and another had to do with an impending apocalypse, New Testament style.

Don't remember much of the snow dream, but the pock-o-lips dream was super fucked up. There was this guy who was supposed to be the Jesus character, but looked like a sketchy homeless guy - carrying a painting. He was showing the painting to various people, and when it came time to show it to me he asked me what my interpretation was. The picture was an odd combination of styles (Rubens and Parrish ???) with too many colors, and imagery straight out of the Rider Waite tarot deck.

I looked at the painting and said "she is being judged". The image was of a woman who looked like the character from the Rider deck "8 of swords", on her knees with her arms tied behind her back. Men with swords standing in a circle around her. It could have been an impending execution for all I know.

There was this crazy woman in the dream who was standing next to me, saw me interpret the painting and then started screaming about it being the end of days, etc. believing that the man with th painting was JC come back for a visit.


did the Dream King visit the wrong house again? I think I got the wrong dream. check, please!

ANYWAY... last night was very low key, and solitary. (but not unpleasant)

I went for a walk before dinner, then struggled with the grill for an hour due to bad charcoal (and laziness/unwillingness to go to the store for lighter fluid / fresh stuff)

My cd burner is dead again.
My computer is acting wonky (despite just having replaced yet another power supply)

"No Pudge" brownies are really pretty good despite being "non fat".
Thank you, drive thru.


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