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VERY weird dreams last night involving a musty dusty basement full of "stuff", old furniture, clothing, dead bodies, and a very very large old house sitting above this nasty old basement. Something about figuring out how to move undetected through this house via the basement, but taking care to avoid the rats, the dead humans, and other hazards in the basement. It was me and some guy I don't know in real life trying to navigate this landscape.

(This weekend we watched the original Underworld movie and a few episodes of the old Tales from the Crypt tv series. I'm sure my brain was refilled to the brim with exciting creepy images which have now been programmed into my dreams)

Woke up this morning, made my coffee, breakfast, had my shower, got dressed and ready to take the dog out.

There's this doorway between the kitchen and the "laundry" area (where the furnace is, by the back door) that I have to cross to get to the bathroom, to the back door, etc. Something on the floor caught my eye (it didn't earlier in the morning). I looked at it. I looked at it again. I turned the light on.
Kai sniffed at it.

er... what the fuck is that...?....
looking closer
um.. er... oh.. *gulp*


While I did not perform a close inspection of the twisted offering it appeared to be the last mortal remains of a small furry rodent, rendered unidentifiable by it's small stripey feline foe.
My darling princess, the Feline of the Apocalypse, Queen Stripes, Vampire Kitten Druzilla seems to have taken a hostage from the walls (where she hunts at night), and she and the resident Feline Space Station (Spike-a-loo) separated the mouse into sections, depositing the remains in that spot on the floor for me to discover.

I tell ya, there's nothing quite so bracing as to find the hindquarters and assorted mouse bits on the floor and not being sure whether or not you had stepped on them earlier in the morning.

I'm glad that Zilla has finally caught a mouse, but I'm going to be SO glad when I'm out of this place. I don't really like the idea of her hunting in the walls down here.


Jul. 29th, 2005 10:27 am
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It started this morning.
Spike and DruZilla were watching something with great interest, moving around my cookbooks and appliances in the kitchen.
Just watching. Twitching their tails.
I figured it had to be something insectoid.
More than a few moments later, I'm sitting at my desk and hear strange noises coming from the kitchen
vague squeeking and scratching sounds
I go into the kitchen to investigate and there are my 2 darling feline americans watching a small grey mouse trying to figure out how to get BACK to wherever it was hiding
Spike was amused
Zilla was frustrated that she couldn't figure out how to catch the thing
Eventually it figured out how to get UNDER the dishwasher in hopes of finding an escape.
Zilla ran behind it - came back empty pawed
Spike just kept watch
At present the terrified rodent must be either hiding under the dishwasher (suck!)
or it found some way out of the kitchen (which shouldn't be all that difficult - it's ground level, in an old house, full of strange holes.

I think I understand why Zilla likes to walk inside the walls.
There must be good toys in there.

I'm not afraid of mice. The only troubling component of this story is that I don't want to have to deal with mouse droppings in my kitchen (rubber gloves + lots of disinfectant) and I'm even less thrilled with the idea of the poor thing dying in here and not being able to find it's earthly remains. My hope is that it escapes.. or that one of the furry hunters can assist the mouse in its journey to the next incarnation, and they leave its carcass in plain sight for me to dispose of.


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