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Say.. "crev-aaaaahhhsss"


All the best nutjobs have 3 names, the latest being one "John. Mark. Karr" (thanks, B).
Tell me this... why is it that they could not figure out how to put that fruitcake on the plane with all the poisonous snakes.

Why is it that we are even allowing this muthafucker back INTO this country?

what do you do with a sketchy pervert
what do you do with a sketchy pervert
what do you do with a sketchy pervert earl-aye in the mornin...

Let me get this straight:
He gets thrown in jail in Thailand for what reason?
Suspected of inappropriate behavior with a female minor? Wearing open toed shoes with nasty feet? Wearing the wrong color lipstick?
Mr. Carr thinks to himself.. hmmm..
one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble...
I better get the hell OUT of here.
I know!! I'll confess to doin something naughty in the US and they'll have to send me back!
Once I am acquitted of any charges there, I'll be free again!!

How many FBI agents does it take to figure out that this guy is lying through his teeth to get out of the trouble he's in in Thailand, because he can plead all sorts of strange defense here (gender dysphoria, clinical insanity, etc.) in the name of weaseling out of the child molestation charges pending (in California), and we all know he's not guilty of the JonBenet thing..

So in theory, he will most likely end up a free man at some point over the next couple years as soon as all this crap clears the courts.

Unless, of course, someone sees fit to lock him up somewhere where he can get some state-funded sex reassignment surgery. On second thought, they will only change you to the opposite of what your parts say you are. They won't make you the new, third gender. Neuter. You know, like Michael Jackson. Neuter.

Either that or we'll see Michael Jackson step up to his defense and offer him a place to live.

Anyone else think that he's a bit too much like the creepy lotion guy from Silence of the Lambs? Or maybe just a creepazoid from an episode of CSI?


I've decided that any human who thinks its okay, justifiable, or even the least bit "okay" to adopt a pet as a kitten or puppy, raise up that animal to adulthood, and then make some arbitrary decision to dump that animal on the local animal shelter for euthanization because of some inexcusable reason like... "my new apartment won't take dogs" or "we can't take care of a baby AND our dog" or "the cat sheds too much" or some other random stupid reason...
ought to be forced to stay and watch what happens to that animal.
What really inspires my anger is when people buy a puppy from a pet store, and treat the animal like an accessory - only to realize that the animal requires training, discipline, attention, exercise, and then decide its too much work and drop it like a boring hobby.

I look at the face of my eskie dog sleeping on his bed, next to my desk. He has 1 paw pointing straight up in the air, belly exposed, bottom teeth showing in what looks like a sleepy smile. He makes faint smacking sounds with his mouth, licking his lips, like I've seen bigger snow dogs do. I love my dog so much, it's hard to imagine ever giving him up - given all the crap I've gone through with regards to housing, and money, I would do anything ANYTHING within my power to never ever have to give up my dog or cats. I would live in my car first.


I'm no sycophant.

People who think that I am even vaguely starstruck by the idea of participating in an NYU grad student's thesis film about 2 kids who meet an an aquarium club... is on glue.

Last Spring, this guy shows up at the Boston Aquarium Society meeting and asks if he can address the group about his son's movie project - which is supposed to have something to do with the Boston Aquarium Society - since the filmmaker had a somewhat life enriching experience being a member of the club some 10-15 years ago. He's looking for folks who might want to be a part of a "club meeting" they want to shoot as part of the film. It was going to take place sometime in August, and did we know any schools in the area that may let us scout their kids for potential talent for the film (since the film is supposed to be about 2 adolescents).

blah blah blah.. yadda yadda yadda.

We never actually hear from the filmmaker himself, only his dad.

This dude scouted shoot locations for his son, and was a sort of mild pain in the ass taking advantage of the good will and generous nature of a few of our members. 3 of the members offered up shoot locales, and 1 guy even setup a bunch of extra fish tanks in his basement since the filmmaker had asked him to do that to dress the set.
Filmmaker changed his mind and decided to go with another location.

How does this have anything to do with me?
Well, back in the beginning I was vaguely amused with the idea of being part of this project, and perhaps even lending some advice or insight about how the club meetings go and/or being something other than set decoration.
Not that I have any aspirations to be talent in anyone's indy movie epic, but I certainly didn't sign up to be an extra for 2 8+ hour day shoots taking up an entire weekend.
Which turns out, is pretty much what they wanted from me, and a bunch of other club members.

We got these phone calls a week or so ago telling us where the shoot would be, and then follow up emails. Show up, hang out, look like you're at a "meeting". Haul crap with you that will make the room look like a real fish club meeting. All day Saturday. most of the day on Sunday.
Nah. no thanks. Really.
My weekends are way more important than being some unpaid extra in your dumbass movie.
Even if you become the next Tarrantino...
bite me, big film director.
Your dad did all your site work, a big chunk of your casting work, and a big chunk of your promotion. You couldn't be bothered to show up even ONCE to a real club meeting to pitch your project. I didn't want to be a representative of what your interpretation of the club was, and would not be able to hold my tongue if I thought your project really sucked.

It's bad having been a former media student, 2 decades ago.


Worky. Jerky

Is it bad to tell (me) that you are unable to participate in a troubleshooting WebEx session with a customer because to do so would require "cancelling (my) wife's birthday". Yeah, a vendor pulled this one on me last week. Sorry, can't help ya. Maybe next week? this guy is a dumbass of the highest caliber


Not going to Chicago anytime soon.
(speaking of worky jerky) The only weekend my sister could hold the baptism are the 2 weeks in September when work is having a huge crunch time and nobody can take off. If I'm going to travel I want it to be fun, relaxing, and not hurried, stressed out. I at least want to be able to visit non-family members while I'm there, and do some touristy stuff like go out for pizza and visit the Shedd Aquarium again.
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Oh dear.

I just have nothing at all to say about this except... Nice jump there, Sirpaul.

That was a pretty big shark but you cleared it easily.


Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
The one mistake you made was in your head
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

- John Lennon-
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This news story has been making the media circuit the past few days (Woman Offended by Doc's Obesity Advice ).

It's both touched a nerve AND caused a bit of arm flailing from my corner because on one hand, I see why the woman would have been offended. On the other hand, I think the doctor was right on to try and scare the shit out of his patient into getting her to lose weight.

Here's a good book idea.. "Scared Straight: The Weight Loss Edition"
Ghost written by doctors who want to scare the shit out of their patients enough to start taking better care of themselves, get that WLS done if they need it, join a gym, join weight watchers, and stop living in denial.

Anyway, here's where I stand on this issue.

Patient )
Physician )

Amy's Executive Summary:
  1. Eat, drink, be merry for tomorrow you may die. There is happiness in moderation.

  2. If you get sick because you forgot to (or didn't think to) take care of yourself, blaming your doctor, the food industry, or anyone besides yourself is inapprorpiate.

  3. If you don't like what you're doctor is telling you, find another doctor.

  4. Fast food - use at your own risk.

  5. There are ways to work exercise into your daily activity, there are a ton of books on the market, web sites, etc. that can help you find ways to do so.

  6. If you want to eat anything you want, drink as much as you want, live life in full Bacchanalian splendor, it's your right to do so, just don't whine and complain when your body falls apart while you're young enough to regret it all. (see also item #2)

  7. We can all learn a bit from our European friends who eat smaller portions of really good food, walk everywhere, and drink good wine.
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Lately the world has felt kind of heavy.
You know, when everything feels sort of crushing and important and the logic part of your brain says "leave it!" and the emotion / gut is saying "but! but! but! I WANT....." and like Veruca she whines and complains and gets Logic all fucked up and pissed off. You KNOW what happens to Veruca when she goes for the squirrel, right? tsk tsk

Whatchewtalkin bout, Willis?

Anyway, in all seriousness, I am broken hearted and torn asunder over the story in Coventry, RI involving the couple who failed to get their 5 year old Siberian Husky neutered, failed to adequately prepare the dog for the arrival of an infant, and the dog attacked and killed the couple's infant (1 week old!) daughter earlier this week.


I'm sad for the family - nobody should have to go through that. However, I'm also sad because now the family dog - who was merely acting LIKE AN UNNEUTERED DOG is put to sleep because of it. I love Siberians, and this just fuckin kills me. It begs the question "why did these people GET a husky? why did they choose to NOT have it neutered?"

detach, Amy. detach.

What kind of fucking DUMBASS releases their pet alligators in a public pond?
I just want to beat the SHIT out of these people
or at least whack them in the kneecaps with a hockey stick.
What do you do with the gator when it grows up?
Yes, some halfwit released 2 american gators into a local pond. One was only about 4 ft., the other about 2 ft. They caught one of them.

detach, Amy. detach

Fixing the errors on my credit report gives me hives.

Karl Rove needs that smug smirk wiped off his face with a collective slapping (i.e. Americans line up and slap Mr Rove in the face - one at a time)

The 558 bus is evil. It really is - an evil bus. I thought it was the Magic Bus but nope. Someday I shall figure out this public transportation thing so that it doesn't take me 2 hours to get home from work. Really, I'm just trying to save gas, the environment, and get some exercise in the process.

and now.. your moment of Zen.

Still not the king.. From hardcore pr0n to "Tommy Lee Goes to College"

shhhhh they can hear you laughing all the way down the hall...

See Tommy Lee trying out for marching band.
See Tommy Lee selling pot in the dorms emersing himself in college life!
See Tommy Lee nail a few co-eds fall asleep in Calculus!

Of all the reality shows, why didn't you pick Surreal Life instead?
Not to mention, I was waiting for the "Strange Love - Tommy Lee and Susan Olsen" edition.


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