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I don't know if it's because UrANUS is moving backwards, or that Jessica Simpson had a nosejob, but this week has been fairly bizarre in terms of what I've seen on the news, and in my day to day experiences at work. Bizarre not really in a good way... just... weird

2 "road rage" shootings in the Boston area in 1 week. Both alleged offenders were older men over 50. One of them licensed to carry. In both cases I would imagine there was some sort of machismo "you want a piece of ME?" thing going on where these men felt like they had to resort to violence to get their point across that "YOU DONT FUCK WITH MEEEEE AND GET AWAY WITH IT!"

Yeah dude, a 27-year-old man (an immigrant?) who probably didn't even speak ENGLISH (his wife certainly doesn't), unloading an infant from his car, is really a big threat to you and your fucked up, ex-military ASS. I hardly see your "ego in crisis" as a reason to shoot the guy in cold blood. I'm sure we'll see the Chewbacca defense, the "my meds made me do it" and anything else the defense attorney can dream up to try and get this guy off. I hope they throw every book they can find.. at him.

The other one, townie vs. townie was also special. A woman and her 19 year old son riding around in their car get cut off by Mr. Accused. I'm sure there was bird flipping and words exchanged, but again - the older machismo-infested accused decided that he was going to "teach them a lesson" and shot at the car wounding the female driver and her passenger, the 19 year old kid.

Since when is someone pissing you off in traffic reason to shoot them?
Did we somehow get transplanted to Los Angeles? I never got that memo.

In personal news, my fish couple who laid eggs lost the eggs to the snails in the tank.
I had taken the male out of the tank and into a smaller tank (since the female was chasing him around) and he either jumped out or was pulled out (be feline intervention) thereby departing this particular incarnation and moving onto the next.
R.I.P. apistogramma sp. inca.
A banner week for fish.

Speaking of dead, I guess I must really miss the kickass cable I had in Salem. The final season of Six Feet Under is almost done! (and well, Nate is dead and I haven't even seen 1 episode of this season yet)

The dumbass contractor my landlady hired to redo the kitchen doesn't seem to like returning phone calls and so we have no idea when (or if) he will ever be back to finish tiling the kitchen floor.

My car is either leaking, or burning oil. whee. please, old blue, I just need you to live another 6 months until I can afford to buy a new car

Going to CT to see my sweetie this weekend.
I'm craving soft serve again (with chocolate dip).
It's been that kind of week.

and now, your moment of zen )


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