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I have a love/hate relationship with snow.
I Love love LOVE it when all I have to do is stay inside and watch it fall
I don't mind shoveling it either.
I loathe driving in it, in fact.. it scares the crap out of me (too many close calls on the road over the years)

Be careful out there!

I have to go to work today, as I'm "essential personnel"

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Forgive me, I'm having "a moment"

I ran out to the S&S at lunch for a few things, and caught myself mid-whine - about ready to go off about the weather.

waaaaah! its too hot! its too humid! waaah! I don't want to be doin nuthin today!

Then, as if by divine intervention, a vision appeared in my head.
A vision of that stupid commercial for (I think) Princess cruises that was shown last winter.
The one with everyone shoveling show, completely buried in their snow gear, with Magic Voice saying "Want to SEE your friends this winter?"


Just about 4 months ago we were whinging about how cold and damp it was.
In January and February we were cursing New England winters and wondering whether or not there was an ice age upon us.

Step 1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember how sucktastic it was chipping an inch of ice of your car, how awful it felt to tiptoe on the asphalt hoping it wasn't icy enough to cause a fall, how we rationalized the 3 feet of snow that needed to be shoveled off the driveway as "good exercise".

Step 2. Stick your head out the door. Breathe (if you can)

Repeat Step 1.

I am a self-confessed weather whiner.
I bitch and complain when it's too grey and overcase, I complain when it's damp and cold, I complain when it's to hot, I complain when the temperature dips below 20 and the sun comes out.
You would think that growing up in the Chicago area I would be used to changeable weather by now but I think it just makes me feel more like an entitlement bitch.
I've put up with this for 39 years, I should be able to manipulate the weather in some sort of godlike fashion with the snap of my fingers.

Current temperature: 90
humidity 59%


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