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This is the question I continue to engage in explosive debate with myself.
(you should see the 2 sides of myself go at it on this issue.. whoooo boy)

Something like 30% or 40% of residences in eastern MA heat with oil heat. Especially older homes (specifically older multi-families that serve renters)

Gas heat is now cheaper on most systems but...if you're using forced hot air you have to calculate electricity into your heat costs.

Crappy boilers are crappy boilers.

Well insulated buildings with newer windows are cheaper to heat than places with no insulation and/or older windows.

Heating oil is now over $4.00 a gallon.

My natural gas heat costs, averaged out over the year, came out to be about $1300 for the year, + the cost of electricity on the forced hot air system. This was leaving the heat turned down to 63 during the day, and overnight.

There are a lot of really pretty places out there that have oil heat.

We've been turned down by 2 landlords so far because of "credit history", have looked at no less than 10 places over the course of 2 months (one place we looked at we didn't even apply for because the RE agent made a point of saying only "good credit" would be considered). Oh yeah, we also have pets. A dog to be specific. We've seen more rundown, rat trap buildings than we have seen nice ones. Two were actually quite nice, but too far (one in Marlborough, one in Dedham. The one in Dedham we almost went for, but it was too far away from everything and everyone else in the world we like).

So.. I know from [livejournal.com profile] lilyflowers that oil heat can be WAY suckful, and that no matter how cold you keep the place, its bloody expensive.

There's a place in Arlington we're going to see tonight that seems like it could work, right down to the geek-friendly / dog-friendly landlady.

Only problem is that it's oil heat.

Are we really fooked with oil heat? I can deal with paying $200 - $225 or so per month on an oil heat budget plan, but I don't think I would be happy paying $400 or $500/mo. that's just madness.

Is it really that bad?

UPDATE: Meh. Not the right place for us. I think the couple who were there before us grabbing it before we had the chance was probably a good thing. Getting there was kind of annoying because of all the traffic gridlock on Rt 60 (typical stuff), and then there's the ancient windows, peeling paint and no insulation. But thank you everyone for your feedback - at least we'll have a better idea of what to budget for.


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